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About Us

We offer unmatched, training through our mentors who strive to share their actual field related experience, making our slogan " Sharing knowledge" much more relatable and the training much more applicable in the work field rather than it is theoretical. Not just knowledge shared but added value for the employee's skills and capabilities, which would make them much more successful and productive.

Our Values

Honesty We follow honest business practices as they build the foundations of trust with our Clients. We keep our promises and take responsibility and we are always clear in all communications so that we generate trust and assurance.
Respect We treat others as we expect to be treated. We maintain esteem, dignity and honor for our partners, customers and the profession.
Integrity We are proud of our reputation that was built over many years as we always show respect for all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, approaches and ideas.
Partnership We always work hard with our Clients to build strong relationships with each one of them and we offer best quality and optimized costs.
Continuous Learning We have a passion for lifelong learning and we value professional engagement as much for ourselves as for our Clients.
Moral Obligation We strive to make a change in our neighboring community and our country by sharing our hands-on knowledge. Our Vision

Our Vision

To share knowledge and experience through a team of hands-on, fully experienced trainers with our targeted customers

Our Mission

To increase company’s profitability and growth by training & developing our clients by our mentors and trainers .

Our Solutions

Training & Diplomas

Training Modules

• Sales training.
• HR.
• Digital Marketing.
• English writing.
• Labour Low.
• Train of Trainers ( TOT).
• Customer Service.
• Finance.

Soft Skills Modules

• Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making.
• Communication Skills.
• Emotional Intelligence.
• Leadership.
• Negotiation Skills.
• Presentation Skills.
• Time & Stress Managemen.


• Sales.
• Marketing.
• Human Resources.
• Train of Trainers.
• Digital Marketing.
• Finance.
• Accounting.

Online Training

• The training is through a live broadcast of the trainer “not recorded” voice and image..
• The possibility of full interaction with questions and inquiries from where you are, which requires only the availability of an Internet source..
Experiential Learning Programs

Following the Chinese proverb, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand,” experiential learning in the workplace is a hands-on type of training that helps employees understand key information by performing the task or skill at hand.

Passion To Action Program:

Target the management level by different modules.

Master Positive Environment Program

Tackle the relationship between the organization employees.

Together is better Program

Build harmony and positive energy between colleagues and within the team.


Accredited MBA Certification

• MBA in Business Administration.
• MBA in Banking.
• MBA in Financial Markets specialization.
• MBA in Financial Management.
• MBA in Marketing.
• MBA in Human Resources.

Business consultants almost never use the word "problem"; instead, they talk about opportunities to enhance value.

Sales, Online & Offline Marketing Consultation:

We are specialists in improving sales results, by improving confidence, systems, and accountability. We can help you refocus your efforts back to what matters most while utilizing the Sales capabilities with our mentors who have a working Sales experience for years with a successful business heritage & record.

Digital Marketing Consultation:

We can help you have more leads, sales & an effective digital presence across different digital channels through our experts those who have a record with different products & services.

HR consultation:

Our team can help ensure satisfactory employee relations in your workplace. You can also rely on us to assist you in improving work climate issues.

International Certificates & Education

International Certificates ( Learn & Explore Egypt)

The Training HUB offers learning while exploring Egypt with the best schedule that offers accommodation in the best places in Egypt, Such as: Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Sinai, Luxor, Aswan and mixing it with learning.

Renting Training facilities

Renting Training facilities

Our corporate training rooms come equipped with everything you need—virtual training technology, full-service hospitality and tech support staff, premium amenities and more. We customize the environment to meet your exact specifications to provide an elite learning experience.

Our Partner

We are proud of our partnership with
“The Arab Academy for Management,
Banking and Financial Sciences”

that follows the Secretariat General of the Arab League,
delivering their accredited DBA and MBA programs in
both Arabic and English languages.

Read more about the academy and its programs

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